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You will be able to attend/vote online via the CASC FB page. Requests for topics to be included as new items on the Agenda, or in connection to items already on the Agenda, should be related to the Meeting Purpose and must be submitted to the Executive Committee at least three (3) days prior to the date of the AGM.

5:00PM EDT

1. Call to order, (Chairperson) 3 minutes
Meeting Purpose: To vote on motions to, in principle: Incorporate; adopt a new Constitution and ByLaws; adopt the Operating Budget.
Required quorum: 10% of the currently active Membership, (approximately 83 people).

2. Opening Welcome, (Sandra Battaglini) 5 minutes

3. Plan of Action Update, (Various Committee Members) 15 minutes, or less (Only the key ones that have begun to take action)

4. MOTION #1: (Sandra Battaglini) 10 minutes, or less
Whereas, the Association will continue to conduct its business until the time of official Incorporation status;

MOTION: To transition the Canadian Association of Stand-up Comedians (CASC) to a not-for-profit Incorporation at the soonest possible date.

Seconded by:

5. MOTION #2: (Adam Growe) 40 minutes, or less

Whereas, if the following motion is not passed, the current Constitution and ByLaws would remain in effect for the new Incorporation until further notice;

Whereas, the current Executive Committee will occupy five (5) Officer positions on the new Board of Directors;
Whereas, two additional Officers will be added to the new Board of Directors, as described herein;

Whereas, according to Article VI (4) of the current and proposed Constitution and ByLaws, for a vacancy in the Executive Committee/Board of Directors, the members of the Executive Committee/Board of Directors, by majority vote, shall invite eligible Members to serve out the elected term of office in these two new Officer positions; and

Whereas, the inaugural elected term of office shall be no less than six (6) months from the official date of the Association’s Incorporation;

MOTION: To, in principal, adopt the revised Constitution and ByLaws,

Seconded by:

6. MOTION #3: (Treasurer) 35 minutes, or less
Whereas, this budget has been presented to the Executive Committee by the Treasurer, and would, apply to the full Membership Year of the new Incorporation from May 1st to April 30th; and
Whereas, the budget would be effective immediately, up to and including The beginning of the Membership Year of the new Incorporation;

MOTION: To adopt, in principle, the Proposed Operating Budget 2019/2020

Seconded by:

7. Other business 8 minutes, or more
8. Action items 2 minutes
9. Motion to Adjourn 2 minutes

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