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We’ve decided to continue on the online game sessions as a safe haven for connection and community while staying safe at home. Many physical distancing rules are being lifted, but to keep meeting new people and feeling the sense of of belonging and community, we offer game sessions of Conversation for Connection: Alegoria Online.

This time, we will be donating 80% of all proceeds to Black Health Alliance (www.blackhealthalliance.ca) and their efforts of supporting Black Communities and wellbeing. ?

The need to interact with others and connect is just as strong. Are you looking for a moment to pause from this uncertain time transforming us all to connect with others? Join us June 24th at 8pm ET to play Alegoria in English and French!

In conversation, connection is possible and we can find calm and peace in that joyful moment of being present. Sharing our stories and experiences is the fun moment of play we can enjoy from the comfort and safety of our own homes. Sharing and discovering the meaning of our experiences is not only enjoyable, but also calms and reduces the stress and tension of our every day! What does that tell you?��

RSVP by clicking the link and the link will be sent to you just before it starts. SPOTS ARE LIMITED.

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