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In a world of Murder Hornets, Snow in May and Curbside Pick-Up, over a dozen improvisers will come together to make the best out of this nutty self isolation situation!

And we’re keeping the Fast & Furious naming structure, even though it’s getting more forced that Cadley’s segues!

Last time, Christian Smith and Matt Folliott walked the comedy tightrope on a hilarious night, winning the first ever Duo Derby Digi-Titles! Tonight, Sweet Teen Jesus will reunite to defend their belts against some spectacular duos and our Insta-Duo Battle Royale in a night where YOU pick the winners, online in real time!

Gunning for Christian and Matt’s belts are;
RN & Cawls (Adam Cawley & Rob Norman)
Floss Streak (Dalia Vainer & Kaleb Hansen)
Zero Input (Andrew Cromwell & Will Attwood)
Box Office Poison (Chris Mundy & Elena Kaminsky)
And a MYSTERY TEAM to be added soon!!!

Plus our talent-stacked Battle Royale, where the audience picks two improvisers from the field to form an Insta-Duo! Tonight featuring Andrew Bushell, Janelle McGuinness, Korri Birch, Megan Wallace, Rayanne Langdon and more!

Hosted by Kirk “Cadley” McCullough and Chris “Brooper” North.

Obviously the event is free but you might want to donate something to one of the many Toronto comedy establishments that can’t operate now due to COVID-19.

Social Capital Theatre Employee Assistance Fund

Second City Night Staff

Comedy Bar’s Twitch Channel

Bad Dog Comedy Theatre

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