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In this interactive Jewelry Making Experience, we teach you a number of Goldsmith techniques #playingwithfire.

In this workshop, you will experiment with metal fusing, creating a super relaxed organic piece; as well as learn chain making. This is the first step to walking away as a confident silversmith apprentice!

This class is part of our Seriously Silver – Extended Series. Over 6 weeks, we guide you through different jewelry making techniques, if you are interested in the full series, or in any other individual classes, please see our other workshops listed.

Whether you are looking to make custom pieces for family, keeping your personal jewelry always up to date, or starting your own line, this series is for you!

*When purchasing multiple classes within the Seriously Silver – Extended Series, one full studio day is provided ($100 value), giving you a chance to work on anything you desire.

No materials are included in class pricing due to every students unique project needs. Materials will be decided and priced on the day of your workshop – $5/gram for silver. We offer 925 Sterling Silver for projects, and bronze and copper for sample making.

Don’t forget, if you are a returning student, you can use your $100 credit toward this next class!

Note: Please bring the following; hair tie, glasses (contacts not allowed), closed toed shoes. If you have any limitations, please let us know in advance.

As artists we like to share our art with the world. These D.I.Y. workshops allow local, talented jewellers to share their passion to design and create works of art with you. After attending one of our workshops or events, you too will gain an appreciation for the handmade craft-makers of the world.

To learn more, check out our website! www.thedentoronto.com


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