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JOIN HERE https://youtu.be/8ztCDqrrYr0

Join Liesl, live on our YouTube channel for some painting fun!
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**Video remains up forever**

Supplies needed are: canvas of any size or media art paper, acrylic paints of primary yellow, blue, red and black and white. If you would like to use pre-mixed paints instead you will need: yellow, red, orange, green, black and white.
A few brushes- large flat or round, medium square or round and a small detailed brush. Bring a water cup and paper towel as well. You are free to buy your supplies anywhere you want or use what you have at home already ( any brand will work).

Need an art kit? You can buy an art kit here: https://canadaartkits.ca/ref/APD/

*Original artwork and permission by: Carmen Maciboric*

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