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Don’t let it get misconstrued; this is THE premiere show of the century, maybe even the millenium!!!!!!


~~Brown & Ass & Sons~~

Brown & Ass & Sons (Alex Brown and Andy Assaf) specialize in legal sketch representation and litigation. We employ cutting edge legal techniques including surprise character witnesses, long-winded celebrity impression closing statements & incontrovertible sketch video evidence. We will get you off for murder by killing the courtroom with laughter!!!

~~ Noah Maloney~~

Noah Maloney is a solo performer who loves fun! Characters + music + performance art + comedy + chugging any liquid he wants = a great time! His main goal is to create an experience with each audience where everyone feels welcome and get to be a part of something exciting because thats FUN!

~~ The Templeton Philharmonic ~~

The Templeton Philharmonic (winners of “Best Duo” at L.A. Comedy Festival, and “Producer’s Pick” at TOsketchfest) are a sketch comedy duo comprised of Gwynne Phillips and Briana Templeton. Together, they write and perform original, surreal sketch comedy that is often peppered with stinging social commentary, and dead-pan interpretive dance.

Hosted by ~~ Emery Fine~~

Emery Fine is a writer and sketch comedian from Montreal. He likes to write sketches and stories about dishwashers, billionaires, clowns, and other Montreal things.

Please join us on Friday, May 8th at 8pm at Impro Montréal / Montreal Improv! Buy tickets at the door, or right here right now: https://thepointofsale.com/tickets/tsc190510002

Go go go go go go go!!!!!! to this show!!!!!

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