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Milk and Meat Queer Jewish Comedy Collective presents:


An Online Queer Jewish Comedy Show (for passover!)


Milk and Meat is a raunchy celebration of everything queer, Jewish and funny.

Get ready for gay Jewish jokes made by gay Jews who love gay Jews

Hosted via Zoom by famed drag queen and certified c*nt, Auntie Semitism

Jews, goys, straights, queers – come one, come all, come. right. now.

Get your AssOver here and buy your tickets now!

Zoom Link upon registration


Monday Apr 10 (6th night of passover)

5pm PT/8pm ET

Free (Suggested Donation $18)

Art by Sabine <33 Produced by Auntie & Alo Co-sponsored by Tales of Gender Affirmation ~~~ Please note: There will be a "Hottest Parsley Dipping" contest - please bring Parsley and something to dip it in if you'd like to compete! Prizes will be awarded ~~~ Set list coming soon! ~~~ no chometz was consumed in the making of this show

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