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The roar of the crowd. Sweat glistening on furrowed brows. Suddenly, the whistle blows, the Star Player emerges from the vortex to the Vampire Dimension riding a Polar Bear named Tony and it’s time to PLAY LACROSSE!!!

*cue Jock Jams Vol. 2*

Welcome to Monday Night Lights – an improvised Berserk Teen Sports Melodrama FEATURING:

Conor Bradbury
Julian Frid
Ken Hall
Mark Little
Connor Low
Kaitlin Morrow
Seann Murray
Ann Pornel
Sharjil Rasool
and Chris Wilson

Monday Night Lights takes you to the quiet Amer’can town of Townton, Texas- equal in its unconditional love of Sports and God. A town that is covered in glory thanks to a dashing star quarterback. But what happens when a tragic drug overdose/unexpected jaguar attack/alien invasion leaves the QB unable to play in the big game on Monday? That’s for you to decide, because at Monday Night Lights: If you come, we will build it.

Last Monday of every month – 8pm at Bad Dog Theatre Company!

Tickets $10!

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