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I’m just back from a speaking engagement in Germany, and I’ll be headed to Washington DC next Monday for another one. That means this Saturday is perfect timing for us to get together.

Is public speaking something you’d like to gain a little more mastery in? If yes, this mini-workshop is for you. I’m facilitating a mini-workshop for people who want to feel more confident speaking in front of people, totally engage your listeners and absolutely rock the stage — whether that stage is next to the kitchen counter or part of a paid gig…

In this session, you’ll learn a technique I developed several years ago to help me create powerful visuals in my listeners’ minds, and anchor the key story elements in my own mind. This is what helped me lose the notes once and for all.

It’s a simple technique that I’ve taught many, many times. And it works!


Every month or so, we cover a different element to help you become a better speaker in a bite-sized, easily digestible session.

There are just so many pieces of the speaking ‘puzzle’; so many moving parts. You need time and practice to integrate the skills into your topic and performance. That’s why I created the moSpeaker Training mini-workshop series.

The first half of each 3-hour session is focused on a specific skill or technique, while the second half features live coaching. You are welcome to put your name forward for the live coaching, or simply watch and learn as others get feedback on what’s working and what can be improved. (You’ll be amazed at what you will learn from watching others!)

In this session, I’ll show you a simple technique to structure your story and rehearse it so that you can lose the notes with confidence — and without memorization.

ADVANCE TICKETS AT https://e.sparxo.com/20190309_moSpeaker


Nothing is better than getting up in front of a real audience and literally, trying it out. It’s better than recording yourself; it’s better than speaking to a mirror; and, it’s way better than asking your spouse to suffer a run-through.

If you choose one of the 5 live coaching spots, I will personally coach you up on whatever will help you the most – whetherit structure, language, performance, facial expressions, humour or opening or closing with impact! It’s all fair game.

As the founder of momondays, I have sat through some of the best and worst examples of storytelling. If you think I’ve learned a thing or two about what makes a good speaker great, you’re right. In fact, as a professional speaker and trainer, I have coached thousands of salespeople, coaches, entrepreneurs, senior executives, and other professional speakers on how to become more influential and effective through speaking and storytelling.

I’d be thrilled to do the same for you… reserve your spot athttps://e.sparxo.com/20190309_moSpeaker!! See you soon!

Michel Neray
Founder of momondays
moHost of momondays Toronto
Professional Speaker

P.S. ADVANCE TICKETS AT https://e.sparxo.com/20190309_moSpeaker

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