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Toronto comedian Sandra Battaglini is filming her first stand-up special at the historic Redwood Theatre in Little India. Be a part of a live studio audience and enter into her Haunted House for an unforgettable night of comedy.

About Sandra

Sandra Battaglini is an award-winning stand-up comic, actor, writer and activist. She is a two-time Canadian Comedy Award winner for her solo show shows, Classy Lady and Hard Headed Woman. She appears in The Amazing Gayle Pile (NBC Seeso), Tall Boyz (CBC), In the Dark (CBS) and Communist’s Daughter (CBC).

She premiered her 7th solo show Baby Jeez and other Abreevs in Toronto and released a comedy album with the same name. She spearheaded a grassroots movement to have stand-up comedy recognized as an art form and co-founded the Canadian Association of Stand-up Comedians that lobbies for comedian’s rights.

Her podcast Small Battalion delivers the latest disturbances in history, politics, news, comedy and the earth with a dash of Bill Gates.

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