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An ONLINE class designed for people who already have a sourdough starter and want to learn techniques and methods for a successful baking.

Although we can’t gather together now for hands on sourdough baking workshops, it doesn’t mean we can’t learn and explore sourdough baking together on live interactive online classes. The class is for someone who ALREADY has a sourdough starter. If you don’t have a starter and you live in the GTA area, we may also coordinate a safe no contact pick up of the starter from my place.

The whole learning process will span over 3 days. We will have a short online meeting on Day 1 at 9 pm for 20-30 minutes to learn how to build a levain. On Day 2 we will have 8 short online sessions from 8 am until 1:30 pm. We will build the dough, speak about methods of building strengths, pre-shape and shape the dough. On Day 3 we will meet again at 10 am to bake our breads!

What you will need to get started for the workshop:

Sourdough starter; all-purpose white unbleached flour; room temperature water, salt, a mixing bowl, a kitchen scale; a kitchen towel and a cast iron oven (Dutch Oven) or any other oven proof pot with a lid.

During our live sessions we will speak about fermentation, different flour types, different methods of working with the dough and also how to work around scheduling sourdough baking.

This workshop is for beginners who are eager to learn about sourdough baking.

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