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🔑🔑 Welcome to our Key Party! 🔑🔑

5 fervid comedy couples have been invited to switch partners for one night only. The audience will be treated to 10 minutes of brand spanking new sketch from 5 new duos!

Local-swinger couple Jacob Greco & Lise Vigneault host a seductive soirée of comedy mix and match. The vibe is sensual, the people are beautiful, the comedy is provocative and the drinks are flowing – anything can happen!

Featuring the following fabulous duos:
🔑Ricky AKA Rena Taylor & Nicky Fournier
🔑 Inside Scoop AKA Kadi D. & Sara Meleika
🔑 Real Actors AKA Danny Belair & Matt Enos
🔑 The Hibberson Twins AKA Laura Buchanan & Dimitri Kyres
2 out-of-town WILDCARD singles:
🔑 Amanda Ariel Peggy Xeller from NEW YORK CITY
🔑 Jon Blair from TORONTO CITY

WATCH THIS SPACE to see the new match-ups which will be announced over the next couple of days! Whose swinging who baby!

Show Thursday May 9th, 10PM Impro Montréal / Montreal Improv
as part of Montréal Sketchfest 2019
🔑Tickets are $15 🔑

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