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A show with a little bit of something for everyone, making it perfect for date nights or a fun night out.

With a different cast of acts every month, the show showcases a diverse variety of Toronto’s best comedians – ranging from sketch comedy and improv acts, to stand-up, storytelling, and musical comedy.

Hosted by Spencer Litzinger
Character Comedy by Liam Lum
Sketch Comedy by Twoson
Musical Comedy by Rachel Manson
Solo Sketch by Ajahnis Charley

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When do the doors to the theatre open?

We open the doors to the theatre on the third floor at 8:15pm. Before the show starts you can grab a drink and wait in the lounge of the second floor bar.

What is the accesability of the venue?

The show is on the 3rd floor of The Social Capital Theatre up two flights of narrow stairs. The staircase to The Social Capital Theatre is located right beside the entrance to the Black Swan Tavern.

Can I bring drinks into the show?

You may bring drinks purchased from the bar on the second floor into the show.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

The eventbrite ticket on your phone is perfectly acceptable.

What do you mean by Improv/Sketch Comedy/Stand-up. What is the difference?

Improv – Comedy made up on the spot that is completely unscripted. This is sometimes in the form of long stories (or ‘narratives’) and sometimes in the form of short comedy games like you’d see on Whose Line is it Anyways. E.g. Whose Line is it Anyways?

Sketch – Comedy that is written, rehearsed and performed by a group of people. A sketch show is usually a collection of short, independent scenes full of quirky characters. E.g. Saturday Night Live

Stand Up – Jokes that are written, rehearsed and performed by one person, alone on stage often in a conversation with the audience. E.g. Jerry Sienfeld

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