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Hey babes, I am super excited. NYC’s legendary Akynos Akynos is coming to Montreal!

This is a movement class with a fusion of Afro-Caribbean dance, striptease and other dance styles encouraging participants to find their inner slut, embrace their unique style, and bring that attitude to the stage and their everyday lives.

Wear comfortable loose fitting clothing, prepare to be barefoot, and be ready to be yourself.


About the Teacher:
MF Akinos, “The Beast of Burlesque”, is a self described MILF supreme, nappy hair having, 45” of ass, performance artist and New York raised stripper. In 2009, she was winner of the best soloist and judge’s choice award at the Boston Burlesque Expo 2009, as well as runner-up for the Miss International Showgirl competition in Jamaica.


COST (tax included)
– $45 for “How not to Give a Fuck”
– $65 for BOTH this one and another one
– $80 for ALL THREE. “Burlesk in Color” and “How Not to Give a Fuck” and “On Beat: Musicality 101”

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