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Unlock your inner musical performer to step your burlesque game up this year.

Hone your skills in transitions, movement and connection; and acquire the tools necessary to bring out the WOW factor in your next act and take your choreography from step-driven and technical to organic and awe inspiring.

Learn the importance of active listening, song selection and mapping, alongside tips to working with live bands. Lou Lou will teach you how to strengthen your use of rhythm, tempo, phrasing, and mood so that you will be set up for success next time you hit the stage.


About the Teacher :
Lou Lou la Duchesse de Rière, known as the stripping sensation from the Mohawk nation, has been performing her brand of balls to the wall burlesque for well over a decade. Twice voted into the Burlesque Top 50 by 21st Century Burlesque and current reigning Queen of New Orleans Burlesque Festival, She is an internationally recognised performer who has shimmied her way across the stages of New Orleans, Las Vegas, New York, Texas, Detroit, and Chicago.


COST (tax included)
– $35 for “On Beat: Musicality 101”
– $65 for BOTH this one and another one
– $80 for ALL THREE. “Burlesk in Color” and “How Not to Give a Fuck” and “On Beat: Musicality 101”

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